Finish 2015 strong. Start 2016 stronger.

I saw this slogan at Jetts gym toward the end of last year, “Finish 2015 strong. Start 2016 stronger.” and it has impressed itself on the forefront of my mind ever since and probably will for a while longer – that’s great marketing if i do say so myself, as a confessed marketer.

I have not really been one for resolutions, but rather goals. I have so many goals this year that I want to achieve and I hope you do too! There’s nothing like sticking the list on your mirror and every day reminding yourself what you’re working towards. Sometimes it might mean that you have to make a sacrifice because, more often than not we have to work hard for those things that are good. That’s partly what makes achievements so recognisable… they are not easy to accomplish; they take time, effort and purposeful commitment.

These are some of my goals for 2016. If you don’t have any, maybe they’ll inspire you to look at your life and find areas for increase, improvement and growth as well.

Save money

To help myself budget, I have picked a $$ figure and a date/month to have reached this amount by. This means every paycheck putting a certain lump sum of money in my savings account and then not taking any of it back out again… If I don’t have any money left that week that means saying no to buying food or movie tickets or a morning coffee etc. Also buying groceries @ the West End markets on Saturday morning makes a huge difference to the bank account.

Keep up-to-date with study/assignments

Be organised. Simple. By being purposeful and saving a few nights a week for study only and nothing else, I can lock away time and work hard during that time so that I can enjoy the weekend with friends and not fall behind on study and be stressed out later. These nights are a ‘fixed value’; a priority that doesn’t change.

Work hard @ gym: build muscle, get lean, get fitter

Hitting the gym hard requires more than just being there for an hour a few times a week. It means eating well, sleeping well and varying up the routine whilst maintaining consistency. Going first thing in the morning before work is when I perform best so this means going to bed early enough to wake up at 5.30am. Everyone is different and some people will perform better at night but it’s all about what works for you – and you know yourself best. It also means eating balanced meals and cooking @ home. Even though I love nutrition, I hate cooking – so I’m pushing myself in that area every single day.


With many of these goals the following applies: “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones“. So, start small presently and all the small things will add up into one larger result or greater responsibility, eventually – we just need to always think ahead and look forward at what we are working toward.