The competition phenomenon.

Body building these days is huge. Only several years ago were stages filled with enough space that you could pose and get a good long look from the judges. Now, the stage is so crowded that you have to capture the judge’s attention in seconds; you can’t make one mistake.

When you say yes to competing, you say no to a lot of other things: no to ‘coffee catch-ups’ unless you can drink black, no to dinner with friends/family unless it’s your one cheat meal that week, no to a day off because every day you need to make sure you’re at gym and/or calculating your macros, no to most other commitments because in order to succeed and be stage-ready, comp really needs to be your number one priority – and that’s for a long period of time, on average around four months. A lot of sacrifice is required for just one day.

Comp is as much as a mental game as it is a physical one and really to be competing you need to be strong in both areas.

Recently, I competed at INBA QLD Titles in both bikini and swimwear division. This year, I felt better with my body composition, tighter, stronger, and around the right ‘leanness’ that is required for my chosen categories. I gave my prep my all – no regrets. With the expectation of at least a top 5 placing (seeing as in 2015 I placed top 2 in all divisions) I was pretty disappointed to not place at all. Although, mentally I’m at peace and totally fine with the outcome of the day and what has been achieved with my body.

QLD Titles is definitely for the best-of-the-best and it was always going to be a tough competition but unfortunately, I guess the judges changed what they were looking for this year.

The point I want to make is, we’re not defined by someone else’s opinion. No one else is actually the judge of you except yourself and another higher someone, God. As long as you’re happy with who you are and can accept yourself then that’s all that matters.

Regardless of whatever happens, live each day with love for yourself.



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