Dangers of comp prep and questions to ask before making the commitment

Comp prep is definitely not all peachy. There are a lot of elements involved which lead up to the DAY. And that’s the thing.. it’s just one day. If you’ve ever considered competing, make sure you consider these things and are prepared to do the RIGHT thing which means doing everything below with excellence.



You’re going to have to spend A LOT of money. And that’s not an exaggeration. These are listed out for you in the below points. What if you get addicted or do well and want to give another show a go and see how far you can take it? Each season has lots of shows on – in most states. It costs to have a membership with the federation first, then, it costs to enter the show, then each category AFTER that also costs to enter. So.. think about your goals and how far you’re willing to take it.


This brings us to federations.  Which one is right for you? You can split them by looking at who has tested (natural) vs. untested (potential for ‘roid use) values. What about the categories they list? And what do you have to do in these categories? Is it a every-man-for-himself on the stage scenario or do you get the opportunity to do a T-walk on your own with more opportunity to win the judges over? And then, if you get to pro status does this mean that you’re stuck to exclusivity with that federation? Did you know that most pro’s have to renew their membership annually or bi-annually otherwise your status is forfeited?


This is a huge one and could make or break you. Do they have the knowledge in how to get you to your goal in the most healthy way possible? Lots of trainers will make you eat broccoli, fish and chicken and nothing else (and too little food)  – THIS IS NOT GOOD! Do they have the time to support you? Have they had any experience themselves? What is their method? They cost too i.e. food plan, exercise plan, weekly catch ups, posing class, measurements etc.


Please know, this is all gone out of the window. You will need to make sacrifices. Most likely have very little social life. Alcohol is a definite no-no. You need to get enough sleep, cook all of your meals, pre-pack them, weigh them, calculate them, get to gym almost every day a week, sometime two times day… don’t forget posing practice! This all takes months. If you wanna give it a good shot, a minimum of 4 months is the average for doing well (and then all of this build up to one day only).


There is not much room to move as really you should only get 1 cheat meal a week. Flexible dieting is becoming more popular – but can you also stick to your macros and get the most benefit out of this? If you do it – make sure you have the knowledge of how. There is potential to fall in to the habit of eating the same thing every day which is not good for your health as you might miss out on nutrients and your immunity may decrease, your gut may struggle to process new foods later down the track etc.


I have definitely made mistakes here before. Believe me when I say that you want to make sure you’re getting your monies worth and using reputable, professional, suppliers that have had experience with comp days before.

You will need to get a: comp tan, stage  make up, bikini, swimwear or theme wear (or 2 or 3 of these), federation approved heels. It all adds up – but DON’T SKIMP ON THESE! If one of these is not right, you’ll probably be marked down and wont get that high place if it were just slightly different – difficult eh?


Each federation is different – so do your research. You will need to practice, practice, practice. Make sure your stage presence (walk, smile, energy, eye-contact, flare), beauty, confidence, posing, walk, is all on point. Once you’re up there in the moment you’re buzzing with nerves and have a very short time to catch their attention!


Depending on who your trainer is might influence this. But you’ll probably need BCAAs to use during work-outs, a high quality protein for post work out. Others use pre-work outs although I am not the biggest fan of these. Keep mind the acidity of these can harm your teeth too. Look for quality products which means… cost.


Let’s face it. Doing comp can distort image. What happens when you lose that body? Can you maintain it in a healthily way? Are you equipped to do this? Is it healthy? A lot of this will also be determined according to the method your coach has chosen to get you there and, also if they’re able to make sure that you diet out.


These are just a few of the things to keep in mind. Comp means it’s your number one priority and that you have room in your life or, will make room in your life for it to be first. If you’re thinking about doing it make sure you’re prepared to do all of the above sensibly, excellently, and make wise decisions when and where ever possible!

What are your thoughts?

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