Food swap: unhealthy fats for healthier fats

In the Western world we have so much opportunity with such a wide selection of foods. Typically, when you go in to a store the store if making you an offer with their product selection and when you choose to buy something you are essentially accepting that offer. That’s why it’s up to us to know before we buy what and why we purchase items. You are the decision-maker!

A growing issue is the use of trans and saturated fats in foods (mostly all processed foods). However, we need to avoid trans-fat and sat fat for the future of our health because these fats raise our cholesterol, clog our arteries and therefore increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

So what should we swap our foods for? SWAP:

  • Processed meats for oily fish like salmon or trout (or lean meat like kangaroo or chicken breast if you’re not looking for fat)
  • Chicken with skin for chicken breast without skin
  • Deep fry for pan fry, stir fry, roast, boil or poach
  • Mayonnaise for avocado
  • Commercial sauces for home-made or organic sauces such as hummus, tzatziki, wholegrain mustard etc.
  • Margarine for butter (although butter still has unhealthy fat in it, so if you’re ready then see next line)
  • Butter for olive oil or, coconut oil when using high temperatures for cooking
  • Commercial and sugary spreads for natural nut butters with no additives or preservatives (tahini, peanut, almond etc.)
  • Chocolate for 70%+ cacao solids dark chocolate
  • Ice cream for frozen greek yoghurt or fruit popsicles
  • Commercial potato chips for home-made roasted or dehydrated potato
  • Popcorn for air popped pop corn
  • French fries for salad (or no side!)
  • low-fat dairy for full-fat dairy
  • Nut bars or commercial trail mix for natural raw nuts and seeds (without dried fruit)
  • Biscuits and pastries with home-made all natural ingredient options (control what and how much you put in)

Other healthier fat options include: eggs, LSA, Chia, coconut flour.

Live long and prosper!

What are your thoughts?

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