Tools checklist for comp prep

If you’re thinking of getting in to comp prep, this is everything you should need to have a stress free(ish) prep. Having all of these resources will ensure that you can do things quicker, easier and just… right.


  • Food scale. You will need this from the get go. Get ready to weigh every ingredient in every meal!
  • Understanding of macros. At the end of the day you’ll need to add these all up – so make sure you know your foods and what it means when they’re made up from fats, carbs and proteins.
  • My fitness pal. This will do your daily calculations for you and also keep a history of your food.
  • Freezer bags. Make your comp prep easier by cooking in bulk and portioning out foods into the freezer.
  • Freezer blocks and lunch box. For when you need to take all your food for the day to work or to the beach etc.
  • Fridge space. Prep and portion!
  • Tupperware. To put all of your meals in to J


  • Gym membership. Get yourself to the gym DAILY! A 24/7 gym is a good option to make sure there’s no excuses for not going. This goes without saying you need gym clothes and shoes.
  • A coach. Get motivation, monitor progress, have expert advice and a sounding board.
  • A diet plan. Your coach should tell you how much and what macro breakdown you should be eating and adjust this as you go.
  • An exercise plan. Your coach should know what parts of the body should or shouldn’t be worked on depending on the category you’re in. They should also be able to adjust this as you go.
  • A posing coach. This is just as important as the others!
  • A membership with your federation you’re competing in.


  • A bikini / full piece / stagewear (or a few). Make sure you get one early on.. no later than 6 weeks out.
  • Heels. Practice, practice! Walking and posing. They can be hard to walk in especially if you don’t wear high heels very much.
  • Comp tan. Make sure they know what they’re doing and are available on the day at the venue.
  • Comp make up. Make sure they know stage make up and how to work with a tan.
  • Comp hair. Make sure you look your best and have that eye catching appeal with volume and health.

What are your thoughts?

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