What to expect the day of comp

If you’ve never experienced what it’s like to compete in a bikini or fitness body building competition before and are considering it, you might like to know what to expect on the day! Let’s say you’re competing on Sunday.

You’ll want to get your first coat of tan on a few days before, most likely on Friday, after your last [upper body] workout for the week. Then, a second coat of tan on Saturday. You’ll spend most of the weekend lying around, watching Netflix, reading and not sweating! Use this free time to get your nails done – I usually just opt for nice shellac.

Then it comes to the morning of Sunday! Depending on when you’re actually on stage might determine how early you get up. You might be allowed to eat breakfast depending on what your coach says, and might have a limit for water until a certain point throughout the day.

So get up, go get your hair done, your make up done, get your last coat of tan. I would recommend going with a tanning company who has done competitions before and knows what the judges are looking for. I’ve made this mistake, going for a cheaper option before and looking very patchy and way too dark on stage (yes, there is such a thing as too dark for bikini models).

If you’re not already at the venue by now, then head over! If you can get there as early as possible you can let your nerves settle, practice your posing, relax your legs, support your team mates and get your head into the zone.

Make sure to take note of your call time for stage as it could be early could be late anywhere from 5 min to 30 min even to 1 hour! This of course might depend on your federation. You’ll head backstage about 20 min prior to your stage time, line up, practice posing again and get encouraged from your coach!

Once you head on stage, anything could happen so make sure you’re listening to the MC! Do your turns, walks and look at the judges continually acknowledging them.

And once you’re all done… You can eat! And drink water!



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