Life after comp – confession: I have never dieted out

Ok this post may seem somewhat controversial. Everyone tells you how important it is to diet out. And I actually agree with them, the only thing is I haven’t yet succeeded in dieting out. I have competed in 3 comps, and should have dieted out twice by now. I will tell you this, it is very difficult.

Once you’ve finished and there is no ‘goal’ to continue to restrict it’s so hard to tell yourself no. The thing is, your body actually is used to eating small amount of food in frequent intervals and also only certain types of food – from your good ol’ restrictive comp diet. So when you all of a sudden rapidly increase your food intake it shocks your body and your digestive system goes a little haywire – it can’t keep up!

The first time I cut off cold, dove into the Oreos, the French fries, the apple turn overs… shamefully, and then I just couldn’t stop. It is a mental game as well and if you’re weak then good luck but also the sodium and sugar in these foods contribute to the unquenchable thirst. Unfortunately, my body did ‘blow out’ and hold on to the fat – I found I was really demotivated to go to gym and in the end broke my habits and barely went at all. It was not good. This is an example of what NOT to do. I didn’t even want to go to the beach with my friends because I was ashamed of my body, how quickly I lost it, and what they might have thought of me in the end. Never again!!

So, round two. My latest comp – I probably over did it giving 2 comps a go in the space of 1 month as I wasn’t really motivated mentally for the very last one. I think I would have been able to diet out had I stopped over my first comp but by the time my second comp was done I had been dieting for 5 and a bit months. I was exhausted, hungry and so OVER counting calories. I couldn’t bare to weigh any more food. That was my last straw. I made much better choices this time though, sticking to wholefoods and having guilt-free small treats here and there. My portions were way larger though and again my digestive system didn’t hold up very well at first. Also I was back to my ‘normal’ body weight within 2 months (feeling rather curvy).

I think things may have been different and I would have held my shape much better / for longer had I dieted out but also, I am a believer of eating a balanced and nutritious diet and that was my priority actually. Variation, nutrients and meals with friends!

If you can diet out I definitely recommend it! I just hope you don’t go down the track I did the first time around.


What are your thoughts?

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