How to save money by changing your food habits

We all need food to live, function and survive. Without food there would be no you and me. In saying that, it can be an area that we don’t prioritise or, just don’t know how to use, cook and buy. Many of us fall into the trap of spending way too much money on food when the reality is, if you’re smart about it you could make huge savings!

You can say goodbye to your money if you frequently fall into:

  • Eating out a lot
  • throwing away left overs
  • buying more than you need and throwing away unused food
  • buying food in small singles sizes rather than bulk
  • buying processed or packaged conveiently made for an overly expensive price (likely with high sodium, additives and preservatives!)
  • Consume excess food and drink i.e. alcohol

To save food you could start making some healthy habit changes. It may require that you spend a larger expense now for HUGE savings in the long term. Or setting yourself limits to cut back for example,  have 1 less coffee a week and save $208 a year (4×52) or, 1 less take out a week and save $676 a year (13×52).

Here are a few good tips to try:

  • Use whole foods: buy what’s in season and what’s on sale
  • Go to the markets for cheaper fruit and veg
  • Make the effort and pack your own lunch
  • Cook in bulk or, make dinner daily in bulk and use left overs for tomorrow
  • Freeze food – fruit/veg, full meals portioned out for 1 serving per container, use snaplock bags or similar and break out your raw meat into single serving sizes and cook as required
  • Buy less and, if you need to then go to the supermarket twice a week ONCE you’ve run out
  • Allow yourself a maximum of purchases per day or per week for example, 2 take-out purchases a week and, 1 coffee purchase a week
  • Limit yourself a maximum spend each time you go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner i.e. $20 total
  • Buy yourself a coffee machine and grinder for home and buy beans in bulk
  • Get a water filter for home and bring your own water bottle everywhere

Here’s to saving $$!

What are your thoughts?

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