6 chopping boards you should have

What are you meal prepping with and what cutting board should you use? Depending on how thorough you like to be with these things, the key table below might help you in the kitchen with your chopping board choice! It is actually pretty important for hygienic safety. Colours might not be your thing and you might prefer just to label your boards, but type is one to impliment no matter who you are and what you like.

Type Colour Produce
Wood/plastic Red Raw meat
Wood/plastic Yellow Raw chicken
Wood/plastic Brown Cooked meats
Wood/plastic Blue Raw seafood
Wood Dairy & bakery
Wood Fruit & vegetables

Why plastic?

Plastic may not be as safe or hygienic as wood but they are easy to wash and sanitise. They can be stuck straight into the high temperatures of a dishwasher unlike wood. To sanitize, use a chlorine-based sanitiser, such as a solution of bleach and water i.e. 1 tbsp of bleach p/gallon of water which has a shelf life of a week or two. If your board is weathered, it should be tossed – plastic is cheap so don’t think twice about it.

Why wood?

Wood is shown to be quite safe and hygienic by fighting against the growth of bacteria. Hardwoods can trap bacteria under the surface although these are killed off after cleaning as the board dries – they cannot multiply. Softwoods less durable and can allow bacteria to thrive in grooves so still require thorough washing. Do not use in the dishwasher as it will ruin it quickly. To effectively clean them:

  • rinse first
  • scrub with soap and water
  • sanitise with a quaternary ammonium sanitizer
  • dry it in a location with air circulation avoiding the harboring of moisture (salt can be effective too)
  • treat with oil or wax to maintain wood health
  • Replace often when weathered.







What are your thoughts?

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