How it started

27 November 2015, at 8pm I sat down on the floor in a hotel room crowded full of busy people to zone out and apply for an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. I’ve been putting this off for about 2 months now, but it’s my last chance to be accepted into the very last intake before it becomes industry standard to have a Bachelor degree to be a qualified Nutritionist. Don’t worry I’ll probably add on the extra year to gain a Bachelor anyway… but this deadline still exists and I have a few “what ifs” floating around in the back of my mind, so I’ll go with the adv. dip while the opportunity is here.

It’s a pretty big deal to change your career, or commit to study when you work full time in a very demanding job and have other commitments outside of work. However, the discontentment in my current work situation just can’t continue. Wouldn’t you rather love what you do when it requires three quarters of your day, five days a week?

Since my early adolescence something changed in me and I began to take a strong interest in gym, healthy eating and all things informational about food, the properties of food and human physiology. Honestly, I could spend all day reading and researching but I only ever thought this would be a hobby – why waste three and a half years of Bachelor degree in Marketing? But then again, why not leverage this degree?

Earlier in 2015, I completed in the Brisbane International Natural Body Building Association (INBA) body competition in the bikini category. To my surprise, I actually did quite well coming in as:

2nd place first timers bikini
1st place novice bikini
1st place open bikini
Overall best poser and stage presence bikini (2nd in Brisbane overall)

It was tough. But so very worth it. And the reason why I’m bring this up is because I did it the healthy way. There wasn’t any crazy acts of little to no carbs or fats for any long periods of time – I didn’t confuse my menstrual cycle. And that philosophy something I’d love to demonstrate to you in all areas of life – the healthy way to do things, to always love your yourself and treat your body like a temple.

So here I am. As a side note, there is a difference between nutritionists and dieticians – don’t get confused. As a nutritionist you can have your own clinical practice, speak at seminars, develop products, publish your own blog and advertise, you are essentially a business. Dietetics is a lot more restricted in these areas, but of course, they still play a very important role in the world of health and practitioners.

What next… Who knows what’ll happen, only time will tell.